“Vinyl” is probably the funniest app I’ve built so far. It turns your iPad into a record player, allowing you to play any of your songs from your music library as if it were a real vinyl record. You can play, scratch, adjust the speed and give it a good bump – it’s just like the real thing! There’s a collection of different record players, each from a different era, all having a distinct sound quality. When you play a record often, it’ll get scratches and collect dust, so every once in a while you will have to clean it.

  • Language : C++ / Objective-C
  • Platform : iOS
  • Device : iPad / iPhone
  • Technologies : Varispeed audio playback / noise synthesis (scratch, dust, Mains hum) / MPMediaLibrary
  • Release : 2012

Vinyl - kids player
Vinyl - 40's player
Vinyl - 50's player
Vinyl - 90's player
Vinyl - record selection