Tinnitus Pro

Tinnitus Pro Music Therapy

“Tinnitus” has turned out to be a really rewarding app to work on. “Tinnitus” is a music player for your media library, but with a very specific purpose. Its aim is to reduce tinnitus – a condition in which you hear a constant sound that is not externally present – while listening to your own music. The app invites you to do a short test to identify the frequency band in which your tinnitus is heard. Then it applies a brick wall filter of an octave width around this frequency. Every time you listen to music the duration is logged, allowing you to view the time you spent “in therapy”. At Elephantcandy we received feedback from users who after years of suffering from their Tinnitus, now finally found a solution.

  • Language : C++ / Objective-C
  • Platform : iOS
  • Device : iPhone
  • Technologies : Realtime DSP / Brickwall filtering / audio synthesis
  • Release : 2013

Tinnitus Pro – Playback with filter

Tinnitus Pro – Audio test

Tinnitus Pro – Therapy log